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Hiking & Camping

Forest Service Cabins

The Forest Service maintains recreational cabins throughout the Tongass National Forest which can be reserved and rented for your exclusive use.

Cabin Reservations

Hiking Trails

A well developed trail system begins with a 10 minute walk from downtown Sitka that will put you on the fringe of true wilderness.

For more information on Sitka trails, contact the Forest Sitka Ranger District or visit Sitka Trail Works online.

Forest Sitka Ranger District

(907) 747-6671
2108 Halibut Point Road

Sitka Trail Works

Local Favorites

Harbor Mountain & Gavan Hill

This trail has two different trailheads and can be hiked as one long hike or two out-and-back hikes. Rated Difficult.

This difficult trail has two trail heads and can be done as one long hike or two out and back hikes. 

Indian River Trail

An easy, out-and-back, 4.5-mile hike that ends at a lovely small waterfall. Turn right off Indian River Road opposite Peter Simpson Road to access the parking lot.

The unsigned trailhead is at the end of Indian River Road It is an easy, out and back, 4.5 mile hike that ends at a lovely, small waterfall.

Cross Trails

This train is perfect for a short stroll or a longer walk with multiple trailheads along Sitka’s roadway.

This easy trail is perfect for a short stroll or longer walk with muliple trailheads along Sitka’s roadway.

Mt. Verstovia Trail

This trail, which is just 2.5 miles long, has a 2,500-foot elevation gain and offers a spectacular view of Sitka. The trail ends in sub-alpine meadows. Rated difficult.

This difficult trail has a 2,500 ft elevation gain is is just 2.5 miles. The view of Sitka is spectacular with the trail ending in sub-alpine meadows. 

Herring Cove Trail

A moderate out-and-back trail that takes you up into the muskeg and around Beaver Lake.

Herring Cove Trail is a moderate out and back trail that takes you up into the muskeg and around Beaver lake. 

Hot Springs

The city of Sitka maintains two public tubs at Goddard Hot Springs, about 17 water miles south of town. Numerous charter operators are available to transport visitors to this picturesque location, offering easy access to this rejuvenation natural retreat.

The city of Sitka maintains two public tubs at Goddard Hot Springs, about 17 water miles south of town. Many charter operators will take you there.